Our Journey Thus Far

by Eric Corum

Our Journey

During the past year and 9 months we have created many memories here at The Helper Bees, both in the office and outside with our helpers and senior. We have been working hard and diligently in order to achieve the goal of creating a place where seniors can find caregivers to provide help. Our team is comprised of expert and passionate individuals who have a background in caregiving. Some of us have been caregivers for years, some have been working alongside seniors while others have been managing teams of nurses and caregivers directly.

◆ Helped and engaged with over 3500 seniors

We’ve captured some of the best stories where our caregivers went the extra mile to ensure happiness and quality of the service provided

  • Seniors are looked after the same caregiver, unlike other agencies we believe in continuity of care by the same individual
  • Relationships built on trust are created between the senior and their families and the caregiver
  • Every senior is perfectly matched with a caregiver based on their profile, qualities and interests, this helps a lot their satisfaction.


Our Unique Matching Process Explained




◆ Qualified and vetted close to 2000 caregivers

  • Caregivers in the Helper Bees network are paid up to 50% more than regular caregivers
  • Rigorous background checks and vetting is performed before allowing a caregiver in our hive
  • Higher pay comes with great flexibility around working hours and type of clients


Learn about our company values




The Road Ahead

While we all come from different places, backgrounds, and circumstances, I feel that our focus on creating a better “seniors finding caregivers” experience and our goals have helped us grow tremendously.

There is a lot of work down the road and we’re just getting started.


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