How to Combat Holiday Blues

by Joey

The holidays are a time to celebrate and create lasting memories with family and friends. But its not always easy to be filled with merriment, having the holiday blues is a real thing! As an older adult living alone, this year can bring feelings of isolation and melancholy making it hard to get into the holiday spirit.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, older adults who are socially isolated are at a higher risk for depression.

We are all busy with our own holiday plans, but it’s important to remember what this season is really about. Simplify some of your plans to focus on what really matters: the important people in your life.

The Helper Bees created a few ideas for this holiday that can help lift the spirits: 

Invite them out to get-togethers: Be sure to take into account their needs such as transportation or special diets.

Need some holiday party idea? Host a hot cocoa and cookie party for friends and family. Nothing says Christmas more than decorating gingerbread men with the ones you love.Click below to try some of our favorite holiday desserts!

Offering to help: Offer to help with daily chores such as: cleaning, shopping, cooking and other preparations for holiday parties. Feeling Creative? Help make holiday decorations for all your festive activities! Check out some of our favorite crafts that everyone will enjoy!

Just sit and listen: Being a supportive listener encourages discussions about bottled-up feelings and concerns. Our Helper Bees understand the feelings and hardships this season can bring, and that is why when you’re not around, they are here to help your loved one with all challenges–physical and emotional.

Connect with The Helper Bees today to learn more about holiday activities, local area events, and holiday caregiver support to help you and your family enjoy the holiday season to the fullest! Let’s fill these winter months with lots of warm hugs and hot cocoa kisses.

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Helper Bees!

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