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Share Going outside in the fresh summer air is a wonderful way for elders and caregivers to spend their time together doing great outdoor activities for seniors. Going outside encourages light exercise and promotes socializing, which are both important parts for a healthy senior lifestyle. There are a handful of great outdoor activities for senior citizens to do that […]

Helper Bee Grocery Shopping

Do you remember going grocery shopping with your mother when you were small? I certainly do. I was so proud that she entrusted me with going to get two gallons of milk while she was picking produce.

senior belle weight lifting

As you age, physical activity and exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. With seniors, however, compliance to an exercise regimen can be difficult. They may not be accustomed to exercising, they may not see what the big fuss is about, or there may even be some trepidation about trying something new.